Saturday, June 24, 2006

Post 40 - Life is fragile (it reminds me often of that)

Just heard about a death in someone's family. Its 12 am at the night. I just got the call.

One of my constant fear is, I shall die abruptly, or worse lose my eyesight, or my capability to write, to see, to communicate....just like that in one moment.... This fear just reoccured to me again today.

Life is very fragile. Most of us never realise it, and even if we do, that feeling itself is transient, we really dont remember it for long enough.

But then, again, till I die....waiting for Khattam Shud!

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1 comment:

The Monk Without His Ferrari said...

amitabh, i chanced upon your blog and i have been sitting here for the last 30 mins or so going through all your entries. some of them have excited me, some have moved me and some made me cringe you like Arundhati Roy ;-) nice work, keep gunning.